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Case Studies

Here's just some of the amazing work being done with DreamUp

FiveFour T-Shirt by anggatantama
:iconandres54: andres54

The Client

Andres, the creative director of FiveFour Clothing, used DreamUp's pool of talented creatives to help come up with new t-shirt designs for the company.


The Artist

Angga, a designer and illustrator, took the brief from Andres and presented a variety of designs that are now being sold by FiveFour.

Voodoo Dude Character Design by ARTofANT
:iconchoppertown: choppertown

The Client

Zack, a filmmaker with One World Studios, wanted a voodoo doll character design for an upcoming online show he was creating.


The Artist

Anthony, a Los Angeles-based illustrator, was chosen specifically by Zack because of his style. He worked closely with Zack to deliver exactly what was needed, including both color

DeviantArt Yearbook Cover by monochromefrog
:iconAyame-Kenoshi: Ayame-Kenoshi

The Client

Toby, a marketer with DeviantArt, needed an original book cover for the DeviantArt yearbook. She created an open project, received numerous applications, and ended up with a final asset that she loved.


The Artist

Dyota, an illustrator from Indonesia, provided Toby with a number of sketches and then finalized the cover with her guidance.

Turn of the Century by ARTofANT
:icontoddgrossman: toddgrossman

The Client

Todd, a director based in Los Angeles, wanted a stylized color drawing of a street scene from 1890s Chicago.


The Artist

Anthony, a Los Angeles-based illustrator, worked with Todd through a number of sketches before producing the final color version of the scene.

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